YouTube Clears the Air About the View Count and Other Functions of the Newly Introduced Short Videos

YouTube introduced it short video option in the end of last year. You may have noticed some small vertical box videos while scrolling through your YouTube home page. The full functionality for the short videos is only available in limited regions, including short camera upload option, however, the users from all around the world are still able to upload short clips with #shorts in the description or title.

YouTube works on bringing new features every now and then to keep the app interesting for the users and up to date with the evolving technology. It recently introduced its TikTok like short videos on the app. The short videos have a duration of up to 60 seconds and appear on the YouTube home page, and are faster to watch because of their short video timings so they can be another way to increase the reach of your channel as these videos are getting really great feedbacks with huge number of views.

However, even though these short clips are gaining popularity, some creators were concerned about how will the views on these videos be counted and how this new feature will impact on their overall channel analytics. To clear the air about the concerns rising about the view count and the overall new feature, YouTube addressed this issue in their New Creator Insider Video on how the views are counted and what creators need to know about the process.

The insiders at YouTube said that the view count for short videos is included in the same way for regular videos and are not shown separately or counted any less.

The one thing YouTube did say is that views on your short video will only be counted when the user viewing your video swipes up to your video from the Short video player and the view will not be counted if the video is opened from the home page.

YouTube also notified that people will see changes in their stats depending on how active were they on their short videos and also that if their channel have more short videos compared to the regular videos their average view duration will naturally go down as the videos are shorter. So it is suggested to keep a balance between regular videos and short videos to stabilize your view duration.

The new feature on YouTube looks great and even though the full functions are only available in India currently, we cannot wait to see what other functions this feature will offer us and how well will it do in the future.

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