YouTube's new metric will allow creator to check the performance of the video with in the first 24 hours after it is uploaded on the channel

Every creator wants to make his video to go viral and make a lot of views. After uploading a video, every creator becomes curious about the statistics of the video that how many views that video made. YouTube later feature shows the statistics of the video after weeks, but not now. YouTube has now added the analytics of the video within 24 hours after the video has been available. This feature will allow the creator to make a better video because, after the addition of this analytics within 24 hours, the creator will get to know the success of the video.

This type of data has never been available before. Now the creator can check the analytics of the video in the analytics section of the YouTube creator studio. If you want to get the data of 24 hours, you can simply choose the option of the first 24 hours in the top right-hand corner. The creator will not only see the views of his video but also the creator will check the watch time of the video and increase or decrease of subscribers. If you click the option of the first 24 hours, you will see the summary of your video at the top of the screen. This summary will comprise the total number of views, so that, you can make a comparison of your latest video with the previous one. If you scroll down the summary, you will be able to see the aggregative watch time of the video in the first 24 hours after the video is available on the channel.

The summary will also give you the complete details about your earnings from the video in the form of ads sense if your video is monetized. You can see the details of the traffic source of your video in different categories, e.g. views received from YouTube recommendations, or notifications, by clicking on the channel of the creator, views from searching the URL directly.

If the number of views received from notification is becoming less day by day, this means that your subscribers are not much interested in watching your videos. if you compare the data of the current video with the previous one, you will find out the indication of how the YouTube recommendation algorithm works on your video. One thing that should be noticed that the data for the first 24 hours will be available on the current video only, if you want to collect the data of your previous video, you can get the past data from 2019 onward. However, this addition does not work on live streaming videos.

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