Will Facebook permanently stop recommending political groups to its users? Zuckerberg says this is a crucial act taken by the company to hold the temperature down

According to the latest reports on Wednesday, the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is reported to have said that the company will completely and permanently stop suggesting political and civic groups to its users. The firm publicly announced that this policy will be implemented all over the world. Additionally, the CEO also mentioned that preferably users might come across the political content on their news feed rarely. The reason stated for this was to avoid any kind of controversy and encourage peace over the platform.

Facebook decided to pause these recommendations in October for U.S users, due to the 2020 elections. However, it couldn’t help, and the firm faced enough criticism and hatred from the liberal lawmakers for promoting misleading and violent messages over the platform, so this compelled the company to decide to stop this all over the world- permanently. While talking in the meeting on Wednesday; Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that the company hopes that this decision will cool down the political situation over the platform to a great extent.

The CEO informed that the company has received tremendous feedbacks suggesting that they discourage seeing political content on their News Feed. Who knew that the situation could get this worse; that the giant technology companies will face immense political scrutiny for a huge uprising revolt at the Capitol. Last week, several Democrats were seen to warn the social media companies including Facebook, to regulate and keep a check on what they show on their platforms- is free of controversy.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer wrote an official letter to Mark Zuckerberg and were furious while mentioning that no other social media platform has promoted dangerous conspiracy theories than Facebook. Additionally, they completely held Facebook accountable for inflaming anti-governmental grievances to such an extent that no other platform could do so to such an extent.

The last week Facebook officially announced that it is consulting its experts for gaining the best opinion for whether to stand for the former president; Trump’s suspension.

Also, after his supporters attacked the U.S capital on the 6th of January; both the platforms owned by Mark Zuckerberg: Instagram and Facebook suspended Trump. This also led him to face the second impeachment. Facebook has still given the responsibility of this decision in the hands of its independent oversight board that decides what content is to be removed and uploaded on the platform. The Vice president of global affairs at Facebook; Nick Clegg mentioned in the blog at that time that the decision they have made is on point, and suitable according to the situation. To let you know: members of the oversight board are from all over the world and include a former Danish Prime minister and a Noble peace lecturer, human right activists, jurists as well as journalists.

Photo: Arnd Wiegmann / Reuters

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