Apple Crosses 1 Billion Active iPhones with Install Bases Reaching New Mile Stones for the First Time Ever

Billions is just literally becoming Apple’s second name. While the company has always done great in terms of its sales and working of devices, but the cards this year for Apple are turning out to be in more positive favors, with its activity rates reaching for the skies.

From its first quarterly in October till December iPhone sales crossed over 100 billion dollars in revenue, that is the highest it has ever made in history and now Tim Cook the CEO in one of his interviews revealed that the status of active iPhones in the world has crossed 100 billion after the launch of the newly introduced iPhone 12 line. iPhone 12 is surely coming out to be lucky for Apple.

The CEO released that the company had 900 million active iPhones in 2019 and since then had an average of 1.5 billion average active installed bases, but this year proved to be different and the Apple iPhone devices managed to reach an active rate of 1.65 billion devices, which is the highest ever recorded.

One of the reasons for such a drastic and positive increase in the active user rate that Tim Cook gave apart from the iPhone devices being user friendly, easy to use, and having a long term commitment was the growth opportunity Apple has seen in China. The CEO in his interview with Reuter revealed that even though Apple’s other products do work well in terms of sale in China, they have had the two out of three bestselling smartphones in Urban China which included both people switching from the competing Android devices to iPhones as well as the already iPhone users switching and upgrading to the latest versions. The upgraders were the most impactful in making iPhones set an all-time record in China. Apart from this Apple has provided a bundle subscription packages for its iPhone and other Apple devices users, which includes Apple Music and iCloud both under the same subscription fee under Apple One.

While the sale rate and activity rate Apple is making this year with people switching from Android devices to Apple and Apple users upgrading their devices is impressive in itself, but the company believes that this could have been better if it was not for the pandemic. The pandemic brought with itself closure to many Apple Stores around the globe and hence a decrease in the sales. What are your thoughts on this?

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