Users’ Reaction to WhatsApp’s New Privacy Updates; Started Switching to Other Apps

The recent WhatsApp update in its Terms of Services and Privacy Policy said that their data would be used by the company and the personal information of people, their status, call records, group descriptions, along with profile photo and group photo and even MESSAGES, would no longer be encrypted and safe, and people are not happy with it.

This means that any third party, or any Facebook company related products that are integrated with WhatsApp, can have your info, the IP address, Smartphone details, phone number, and users’ status will be visible to the third party that could be later used by the Facebook and WhatsApp for targeting through the advertising purpose. It’s not known for sure but the devices’ details such as battery level, mobile network its signal strength, connection information, language, device operations information, AND the time zone will also be collected by WhatsApp.

A week ago, via in-app notification, WhatsApp told its users to accept the terms and conditions till February 8th after which they won’t be able to use the app and the account will be automatically deleted. And for the users to delete their account, it must be done using the in-app delete my account feature, without it the user’s info will remain on the WhatsApp platform.

With that people went berserk as a response and took it to Twitter where in reply to a tweet, the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk asked people to switch to Signal. The same tweet was then re-tweeted by the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. And within a few hours, a huge number of people had already migrated to other apps so much so that their servers crashed and they had to delay sending verification codes to such high numbers of requests; Signal and Telegram among the few.

Signal mentioned in a tweet about their verification codes getting delayed across several providers because so many people were trying to join at once. Signal is working with carriers to resolve this as quickly as possible.’ And since everyone is taking whatever advantage they can get, Microsoft said in a tweet that was clearly aimed at users who wanted to give up on WhatsApp that ‘Skype respects your privacy and are committed to keeping the personal data private and not sell to 3rd parties.’

According to Sensor Tower, a hundred thousand people have downloaded the Signal app from Google Play Store and App Store since the WhatsApp update. But this is not new, the Facebook-owned company has just elaborated the meaning of ‘Data sharing’ and that their new update will help users get suggestions, personalized content for transactions and purchases. Many companies have been and are still doing it under their CUSTOMER PRIVACY PROTECTION Laws.

Photo: Thomas Trutschel via Getty Images

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