Twitter Recently Acquired the Marketing Agency Uneo In Attempts To Build on their Brand

What does one do when they have an immeasurable amount of money, and wish to hire an agency's services? Well, buy the agency itself, naturally.

That seems to be Twitter's thought process, as they recently acquired the full-service creative agency Uneo. A marketing firm located in San Francisco, New York, LA, and (quite randomly) Reykjavik, their own description includes creating brands and "experiences" for their clientele. Their impressive ledger of contractors includes Google, Facebook, and Uber to name a few. With such an illustrious reputation preceding them, it's no wonder Twitter would wish to recruit their services.

However, the company's choice to outright buy Uneo suggests that they're looking for a more hands-on approach than hiring can allow for. Such action also perfectly lines up with Twitter's past history of experimenting. This is same company that took over a year and multiple different testing releases until it reached the conclusion that threaded replies on tweets aren't for the best. While such focus and patience seems excessive, it certainly builds precedent for Twitter taking no half measures in their attempts at progress.

The announcement of Uneo's acquisition came, appropriately enough, from a tweet by Twitter's Chief Design Officer, Dantly Davis. Welcoming the team on board, his reply was also reciprocated by Uneo's founder Haraldur Thorleifsson, who further tweeted at Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey in approval. Twitter's also published reports about meeting with Uneo's 50 employees, across all of their city divisions. The company's also been given leeway in the form of a few weeks to clear out all outstanding tasks and contracts from their desk.

This acquisition could more than anything else be a business move. Completely taking over the company that helps market other more successful competitors such as Facebook is a power move, if nothing else. However, Twitter's also been long at work in developing new ways to market a format that, honestly, doesn't allow much for flexibitly. With its heavy reliance on text-based media, and previous revamps such as Reddit's conversation threads failing, the company needs fresh new talent to work hard and develop new content for the social media platform.

In an era where to lag behind is to be flung into irrelevancy, this move highlights Twitter's attempts to keep afloat. It also recently acquired the social podcasting app Breaker, thus adding another stone to its growing gem collection.

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