Twitter Aims To Rebrand The Platform With More Imperfect Design Elements

In an attempt to make the platform even more exciting, the Chief Marketing Officer of Twitter, Leslie Berland has recently shown a new look of the company which now also includes the iconic bird logo having fun by “playing around”.

As per the updates shared, there will also be a new font called “Chirp,” which is more like a custom typeface and has been created by Grilli Type in Switzerland. It will replace the current Helvetica which almost everyone loves!

The revelation got made through a thread of tweets posted by Berland as according to him the new design elements will play an integral role in making Twitter’s marketing efforts going up to new heights.

In the series of tweets, Berland stated that since the brand expression which the executives came up with 5 years ago doesn’t reflect the complexity, fluidity, and power of the conversations that are being carried out on the platform today, so the company took it as a challenge to revamp the design in the most creative, complex and imperfect way possible.

However, there hasn’t been any official confirmation on whether Twitter has gone for a corporate brand refresh as the company declined to pass any comment on that after Berland’s public statement.

Precisely, this new look won’t have a larger impact on the interface of the mobile app or website, and chances are that the bird logo will also stay the same but yes, one can expect more design flare.

Twitter’s marketing strategy includes promoting the updates related to the brand in the form of tweets - where they also usually take the playful approach by incorporating GIFs and memes. On the other hand, we have also seen Twitter putting out tweets on billboards for which they have also earned a lot of appreciation in the name of innovative use of outdoor advertising.

Hence, these new marketing design elements will come into play for similar campaigns as Twitter wants people to take more interest in the products that the company offers. They are already working on making the messaging service more advanced with new features, and also with the acquisition of smaller companies like the way they bought the San Francisco creative agency Ueno, and also took over the podcasting app Breaker.

So as per the words of Berland, you will get to witness the new design work more in videos and posters, presentations, GIFs, and banners. If you are lucky then you might also see some pops and winks too. 

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