Trump's Financial Disclosure Report Suggest That First Mac Pro Was Given To Him By Tim Cook

No one can doubt Donald Trump’s love for Tim Apple (as he used to call Tim Cook with that nick)

But do you know that the love was also reciprocated by the CEO of Apple as according to the former President of the United States, he didn’t only give Trump the opportunity to boast about bringing an Apple factory to the country but Cook also gave him a special $5,999 Mac Pro?

As stated in Donald Trump’s final financial disclosure report (first spotted by NYT's David Enrich), this was the very first Mac Pro that was produced at the Flex Factory in Austin, Texas. However, if we check the facts then this indeed is another addition to the list of lies by Trump as the factory has been producing Mac Pros ever since it came into being in 2013.

Still whatever the case is, the Mac that Trump has received as a gift stands to be the least expensive version of the 2020 Mac Pro as it does not have a monitor, no stand for the monitor, and also no wheels so that Trump could never take it out from the White House.

For those of you who still wonder why Tim Cook even became friends with Trump, well the transactional relationship helped Apple a lot on the financial forefront in the past.

AP Photo/ Evan Vucci
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