Tim Cook Changes Twitter Name After Trump Snafu

Donald Trump is a name that isn’t heard all that often in the world of tech. Indeed, his name can often draw some pretty strong negative reactions from a wide variety of people, mostly because of the fact that he is such a divisive figure in the world of politics. The reason for Mr. Trump’s sudden relevance in the world of tech has to do with the fact that he referred to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, as “Tim Apple” at a recent press conference.

This snafu has snatched up some major headlines and has made Trump the center of a great deal of ridicule, and in an attempt to make light of the situation Tim Cook recently changed his name on Twitter to Tim followed by the Apple logo.

Tim Cook just is now Tim Apple on Twitter

The error had already become the source of a lot of memes, and it seems like Tim Cook wanted to jump onto the bandwagon to show that Apple had a sense of humor as well. Some of the memes that came out of this situation involved naming other famous tech giants after their companies, with Bill Microsoft being one of the most popular one liners being used these days.

Tim Cook changes Twitter name to Tim Apple after Trump flub

It’s interesting to note that Tim Cook didn’t go all out in trying to make fun of the situation, instead of changing his name to Tim Apple he changed his last name to the Apple logo. He definitely handled the situation with poise and grace whilst also proving that he knows how to make jokes as good as anyone else out there.
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