The new Dublin centre will be a regional hub for Google experts, which will be helpful to confront the online harmful content

Giant tech companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter have always a threat of harmful content. Just like in the recent month Facebook had the allegations of spreading harmful content that has the harassment material. Criminals especially use these kinds of a platform for online criminal activities. If you are curious about why people use mostly such platform, the answer to this question is simple, these platforms have more traffic. Every single person living in a house use such a platform for their work, simply these platforms have become part of their routine work. Google has billions of users every month. Most people use these platforms for spreading false news.

Especially, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Google had allegations of spreading false news about the coronavirus vaccine. Not only this, Google had faced some criticism about the dispersion of harmful content through its platform. Google security had faced many problems to tackle harmful and fake content. As everybody knows that Google is the biggest search engine in the world with billions of contents, it is very difficult to account for the nature of every single piece of content. Still, Google is trying its best to prevent fake news and false information.

Thousand of people rely on Google source, this will put the integrity of Google in danger if found that a user has got fake news from the world’s largest search engine. Google has opened a new Dublin center to tackle such harmful and fake content. This center will have the experts working day and night to prevent the spread of harmful content. The Alphabet Unit was criticized a lot for not taking any strong regulatory action. The European Union consisting of 27 countries has taken some strong actions against this giant tech company to review their security policies and check their content, because on one side they have the trust of people and spreading the harmful content that will influence people more, on the other side these giant rivals are putting the survivals of small rivals in danger by not taking the responsibility. According to the statement of EU, Google should immediately remove the harmful content from their platform.

These projected rules and regulations will be implemented in the next two years. Google is also criticized for using the google tools to track iPhone users, therefore, people think that Google is disturbing their privacy. The safety engineer of Google will have the content responsibility in Google’s European headquarter in Dublin. The Dublin center will be a place where the experts of Google will share their work with the policymakers, researchers, and regulators. That will build more trust of people in Google.

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