Researchers issue a warning regarding dubious third-party apps that create the famous Top 9 collage of pictures at the year’s end for Instagram users

Instagram is one of the most famous photos and video sharing apps and has a very impressive mass userbase. Besides being a source of entertainment, many people use it for business purposes too. At the end of each year since 2016, a trend surface around New Year’s Eve which is popularly termed as the Top 9 Tradition on Instagram. Millions of people use third-party apps and tools to create a photo collage of the top 9 most popular of their pictures or posts.

BetaLabs is one of those companies behind this top Nice collage creating service and it helps Instagram users to choose the best of their nine pictures from the previous year and post it on their Instagram profile and share it with their friends. However, recently BetaLabs has revealed that users get duped by some other third-party apps that ask them to sign in with their Instagram accounts to be able to use this top 9 service. Most of the people had to lose their Instagram accounts because these third-party apps were fake and hacked or modified the innocent users’ Insta accounts.

Realizing the seriousness of this matter, BetaLabs researchers issued a warning to Instagram users to not use these fake apps and instead use a new tool that BetaLabs has launched. This tool is called ‘CreatorKit’ that allows the users to just share with them their Instagram handles and nothing else. Only the accounts that have private settings are requested for a sign in. Otherwise, there is no need to enter their Instagram account passwords anywhere while using CreatorKit by BetaLabs.

Apart from creating picture collages for the 'top 9 tradition', CreatorKit offers a lot of other tools too for the users to play around and create and alter pictures as they like.

While this is a nice thing that BetaLabs not only warned the Instagram users but also launched a special tool for their ease to use this top 9 service safely and without risking their cybersecurity, it is still a matter of concern that why Instagram has not created a tool for this popular trend? Instagram should offer its users the means to create such memorable collages without them needing other apps or services to fulfill their requirements. And it is especially strange because Instagram is owned by Facebook that was actually the initiator of such trends as year-end or anniversary videos based on pictures and most-liked posts collages, etc.

Perhaps it’s time for Instagram to think about this matter seriously and hopefully by the end of 2021, we all will have a tool like CreatorKit by Instagram itself.

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