Microsoft Edge Now Offers Built in Password Monitors, for a Secure Online Experience

Microsoft is trying to give huge updates in its Edge after it became a mature Browser and Microsoft’s sole purpose has always been to keep its users’ data safe hence Microsoft introduced this new feature in Edge Canary which is a built in password monitor.

According to Microsoft, passwords are like a lock and key to protect our data present on the web, give us privacy, a sense of security and make our experience with our information on the web a rather peaceful one.

Humans make two very common mistakes when it comes to deciding their passwords, firstly we usually try to keep a very basic default password which can be very easy to guess and secondly considering a lot of websites ask you to keep a password protected profile or email, we tend to use the same password on every site so that it is easy for us to remember it, because let’s face it, our memory game when it comes to passwords is not very strong. Passwords and emails once breached can be traded on the dark web and then the hackers can have access to your personal data and account.

The question is how will Microsoft Edge help you with your passwords and protect your personal data?

Has it ever happened to you that you get a little suspicious about your emails and profiles being hacked or used by someone and you immediately change your password credentials just to stay on the safe side.

Well, Microsoft Edge does the same for you. It manages your passwords so that even if you forget them you can just look it up and it also suggests you a more complex phrase to use as passwords in order to stay safe from hackers. It also helps in looking up information online that whether or not your passwords or user credentials have been exposed as a breach. It checks your passwords that are stored on Microsoft Edge and compares them against a repository of known compromised passwords, in case it finds a match it alerts you and you can immediately change your passwords. One more useful feature is that; it helps you scan your passwords in case they have been leaked.

The scanning button is still in testing phase, present on the lower part of the screen. What needs to be remembered is that the scan button will only testify passwords that are already present in your Microsoft Edge and if it finds something fishy will suggest you to change the passwords.

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