Pinterest's New Experiment Shows It Wants Users To Consume More Stories Content

Stories have gained popularity on almost all social media applications and Pinterest just hopped on the bandwagon as well. If you have recently logged into the application, you may have observed a set of story pin on the top of your “For You” tab. These stories work like stories on every other app with the difference only being that they do not disappear after twenty-four hours and live within the pin.

Pinterest is one of the most popular applications around the world, where people pin their creative ideas, or promote their pages and work while others swarm through all the pages searching for different ideas and DIYs.

Pinterest added this story feature last September for testing purposes to check on how well does the story feature do for the app and is slowly expanding the number of users with this feature. Initially users could consume some stories from creators they follow, but now the app is expanding the feature and testing a multi participant stories highlighting selected user groups, similarly, some users reported that stories have a new flair to it probably because of a new update. Since the feature is still under testing it is only available to a few selected users and increasing gradually.

The question is why every other app is introducing stories on their application. Well Snapchat was the father of all stories and a few years down Facebook and Instagram followed pursuit and introduced the story feature on their apps and when Twitter did the same, people questioned that why stories have to be present everywhere.

The answer to this is that stories are more popular in terms of getting news fast across. For example, if you post a picture or recipe, you can put the post link on your story and your followers can go and check it out. Hence stories are really helpful in terms of engagement and since the popularity of stories have increased momentarily especially among the younger generations most applications are adding that feature.

Pinterest is a great application, widely used by people and even though the feature is under testing conditions we are hopeful that it will get approved and be available to everyone around the world. We cannot wait to check out the feature and to see what else the application has to offer.


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