Microsoft's Windows 10 May 2020 (Version 2004) Update Is Dominating The PCs Operating System Market Worldwide

Version 2004, May 2020 update of Windows 10 released by Microsoft becomes the world’s number 1 feature update in Operating System market, according to the data collected by Ad Duplex.

The May 2020 update, version 2004 was released on May 27th, 2020 is the ninth major refresh produced by Windows, with new enhancements and productivity to improve functioning. It is more secure than the previous versions as well.

Apart from the version 2004, the October 2020 update is going well too, though the rise in December was lesser than the previous months. November 2019 update is working pretty great in Window’s favor as well.

To be more specific, the version 2004 update has a share percentage of 40.4 percent, followed by November 2019 update version with a share rate of 33.2 percent, next up the third in line being the October 2020 Version Update. Around 80 thousand Windows PCs were surveyed, which showed that the October 2020 version is closer to another 5% of its market share making it stand at a percentage with a share rate of 13.6 percent.

There are a lot of reasons why the Windows Version 2004, May 2020 is in such high demand by the public and why Windows encourages its users to switch to that version.

During this pandemic, when Windows launched its May 2020 Version 2004, which comes with new and improved features, makes working a lot more fun and will also save so much time on your hand. It has far easier and quicker connectivity to connect your Bluetooth devices to your Windows 10 PC. It allows you security fancier than how it previously was, now with Pin Codes, Face Detectors and even Fingerprints! It will also show you unwanted apps on your PC and will let you decide whether you want them or not, followed by a lot more amazing features and functions. How cool is that!

But with all these amazing features, people noticed some cons too. While initially, the finalized version of Windows 10 May 2020, Version 2004 did not show any issue Microsoft confirmed recently that there are some issues with the updated version, towards which work is being done to resolve them. Intel and Microsoft noticed that Windows showed an error when the PCs were plugged and unplugged from a thunderbolt which was later resolved by the software company, also issues in connecting more than one Bluetooth device also emerged which was later solved by the company as well, followed by a few issues here and there.

But the topic of conversation being that this version, namely the Windows 10 May 2020, Version 2004 has been the most updated version with most share rate so despite all the technical issues it showed, the problems were considered minor in comparison to the enhanced features that are surely loved by the public.

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