Keep Your iPhones Away from Medical Devices; Says Apple

You might have heard how mobiles are potentially destroying this generations health, from your parents every now and then, but what if we tell you Apple issued some news with serious facts about mobile devices being harmful for certain medical conditions and cause risks to some medical patients. This news may be shocking to you, but it is beneficial to your knowledge so continue reading below.

We all learned in school that a magnet attracts with other magnets and some other materials and produces a magnetic field which sometimes changes the working of a particular substance. Well, Apple in its latest Tech Support Document issued that the entire line of iPhone 12 and MagSafe accessories could potentially be harmful if near defibrillators or pacemakers. Wondering how and why?

According to the company, the line of iPhone 12 and other MagSafe devices are issued with magnets that could interfere with the medical devices if kept too near a person who has a pacemaker installed or near defibrillators. The company said that medical devices like defibrillators and implanted pacemakers may contain sensors that can respond to the magnetic attractions and therefore it is advised to keep these devices a few inches away from the patient or the medical devices. Apple advised the minimum safe distance between the medical device and iPhones to be at least 6 inches or 15 cm away to avoid any potential interactions.

The company also advised the patients using an Apple and MagSafe devices to consult their physicians if they detect any unusual changes in their medical devices and stop using iPhones and MagSafe devices if they think it is because of those. Other than this it also recommended to consult physicians and device manufactures related to the safe use of your device as manufacturers can also provide information about the safe usage of devices around the magnetic and wireless products to prevent any possible risks of emergency. Though Apple also stated that the iPhone 12 line has no greater risks than the previous iPhones, this is just a safety information.

All in all, we suggest to acquire a safe distance from the iPhone devices if you have an installed pace maker and keep devices away from defibrillators. Even though no such case the potential risk of health emergency has come forward because of Apple products. Apple still suggests its users to take the necessary precautions and look after themselves which is a thoughtful initiative from them towards their users.

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