Apple’s Next Operating System Won’t Support iPhone 6S, SE

Apple is well known for making its older phones obsolete periodically, and while this is the sort of thing that a lot of other manufacturers tend to do Apple tends to be a little more trigger happy in this regard. The latest example of this sort of thing can be seen with a report that indicates that the next version of iOS, namely iOS15, is not going to support older phones such as the iPhone 6S as well as the iPhone SE

It seems like Apply only very recently announced that support for the iPhone 6 is being discontinued, and this appears to a continuation of that trend to a certain extent. The iPhone SE is particularly notable since it was the first budget phone Apple ever released, and it was in many ways an indication that the era of Tim Cook would be markedly different from the era of Steve Jobs.

Apple is definitely trying to emphasize its newer generations since it is greatly reducing the number of supported models for its next version of iOS. However, before you start to pick up the torches and pitchforks, it is important to note that Apple is doing this for a very good reason. Their latest operating system is simply too advanced and heavy for these older models to support. While you can technically use these phones with iOS15, your phone would probably keep crashing or it would be too slow and buggy to be of any real use to you.

Hence, if you want to be able to use iOS15, you are going to have at least an iPhone 7. It might be time for an upgrade since the latest version of iOS has some features that are really surprising people out there, and you would be remiss to not check them out.

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