Google Chrome to Introduce a Weekly Reminder for the Saved Web Pages

Google introduces new features every now and then to keep its application interesting and convenient to use for its user It recently introduced a feature called “Read It Later” now called “Reading List” which allows the users to save web pages and read them later. The Reading List is kind of a bookmark with a few additional options like you can sort your “To Read” and “Not to Read” web pages in different piles and offers check mark options for pages you have completed reading so they can automatically move to the “Pages You Have Read” folder.

But the topic of the conversation is not the Read It Later or Reading List option but the new feature that was recently being tested on it.

A lot of applications like Facebook and Instagram let us save stuff, allowing us to save posts to watch later in case we are busy at that moment to actually enjoy it. However, most of the times we tend to forget about our saved list. Since it was likely to happen with the Google Reading List too, Google thought of a really cool idea to remind its users about their saved web pages, so that they can go through it.

It recently came into our observation (as spotted by CS) that Google after adding the option to save links for the future, Google also added a side panel with two options which go by the names of Notification Scheduler and Read Later Reminder Notification.

The upcoming Notification Scheduler flag enables the notifications to appear while the Read Later Reminder flag reminds you of your saved webpages.

What is the actual purpose of this Web feature and what does it do?

Well, since people tend to forget about most of their saved stuff and sometimes never even look back at them, Google introduced this feature to remind the users every week what they had saved in the past week. The Notification Scheduler and Read Later Reminder appear as two flags and show a weekly reminder so that you can go back to your saved items in case you want to read them.

Even though this feature does not seem to be like a huge deal, it is great to see Tech Giants like Google working towards their applications making it a better place for their users and thinking of new and creative ways to make it more interesting and convenient for the general public. 
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