Google brings the option of ‘Convert’ to the Smart Selection menu on Android

Android’s Smart Selection has been working very ‘smartly’ and efficiently since 2017. If you are reading a text and you want to copy a certain portion of it, you just have to exert a little thumb pressure on the screen and your Android device will pop up a menu that presents you with options like ‘select all,’ ‘copy’, ‘share,’ etc. It allows the users to copy a phone number and swiftly paste it on the dial pad to carry on with a call without having to go through the hassle of first writing or typing the number somewhere else to dial it. Now, Google is bringing another interesting and much-needed functionality to the Smart Selection Menu.

As per Android Police, a new update has come to Android 9 and above versions, and it is the addition of the ‘Convert’ option to the Smart Selection menu.

For instance, you are reading a recipe online and you need to convert the units mentioned in the recipe for your ease. So, instead of closing that window and going to Google Search to type your query related to the conversion, you can now just select that portion, and once the Smart Selection menu opens up, you will see the option of ‘Convert.’ When you click on it, it will take you to Google Search with an already typed query in the search bar. You can then edit it as per your requirement and see quick results there.

Similarly, while reading a business article, you may want to convert the currencies mentioned in it. So, this ‘Convert’ option will help you with it and let you search the converted currencies at a faster rate than before.

It would have been a lot better if Android could show us the converted results there and then without redirecting us to Google Search. Perhaps an overlay could be added to the interface and users would not have to hop from one place to another. But maybe this is just the beginning and eventually, Google will ease this functionality further for the users.

For now, it is swifter than before at least. It is not the best thing of course, but it is not a bad start either.

Users have been requesting this feature for a long time, and now this option will come to you if you have Android 9, 10, or 11.

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