Google Chrome is working to discover new ways for better RAM

Google Chrome browser consume more RAM as compared to any other browser. To open each tab, a lot more RAM is consumed that fills the space quickly. Google Chrome is famous for increased RAM usage.

To decrease the RAM usage or prevent excessive usage of RAM by Google Chrome, Google is planning to adopt Microsoft's Heap Segment technology. But after trying this technological program, Google refuse to use this technology as it makes the browser unstable. The performance of the browser is getting affected.

Google Chrome developers wanted to experience something innovative and better. According to a recent report, Google developers are looking forward to trying Windows 10’s TerminateProcess API. All of the browser processes and their connections will be halt by TerminateProcess.

Microsoft's Heap Segment technology is not worth to try out as exiting the tabs are is complicated and slow down the process. Using complex software can make the process of browsing, sending data, and closing the tabs difficult. Google Chrome is progressively shifted towards using TerminateProcess to reduce the RAM usage. It directly shuts down all the process types without making it complicated for users. The main concern was to prevent excessive RAM usage. Usually, the issue is the unchanged RAM status even after closing all the tabs. This problem needs to be fixed whichever program is used.

When the performance of TerminateProcess is compared to previous methods, it is clear that TerminateProcess significantly reduces the RAM usage by shutting down all the processes. It is now possible for RAM to consume less space from time to time. TerminateProcess is a Windows feature that helps the program to completely shut down the browser and immediately free up the RAM space.

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