Facebook’s Account Quality Dashboard Gets New Account Issues Tab Added To It

Facebook’s Business Manager recently got a revamp to their Account Quality dashboard, allowing page admins and support staff to better grapple with any potential issues with their platform.

As reported by social media guru Matt Navarra, the social network’s introducing a Recent Account Issues interface, which revolves around allowing users more insight into their online track record. To elaborate a bit more, the interface highlights accounts suspensions, rule violations, copyright strikes, content revoked, etc. Facebook’s sort of become an online mine-field for accounts as it is, with its userbase complaining that many pieces of content are getting flagged for no apparent reason. It seems that these steps are the company’s quiet way of letting users understand why the ban hammer swings as hard on them.

The new Issues tab also seems to be correlated with advertisement on the social network, and how much businesses are getting their content out accordingly. Content getting flagged or account bans mean that businesses small and large lose out on a lot of potential revenue, and largely without necessarily learning about it. This update, a very minor tweak as it may be, allows businesses to stay on top of their strikes and quickly take action towards restoration.

The interface is displayed as such. Clicking or tapping on the Account Issues tab from the Account Quality dashboard will open up a page showcasing stricken content and accounts over the past 30 days. The highlighted cases are further divided into two categories. First, the default display, features outstanding flags that admins and the like need to address. The second shows resolved cases, giving a brief history about how the cases in question were put to rest, either by altering information to meet Facebook’s guidelines, or successfully contesting it through the official channels.

While all of this does highlight Facebook attempting to connect with what its userbase really needs from the platform, the gesture may just fall short. According to an article by Bloomberg, Facebook’s platform still remains unhelpful for small advertisers looking to make a living because of its lack of a dedicated customer support center, which would resolve content and account issues in minutes as opposed to hours. While larger companies can afford some time off the air, these smaller brands have to rely on every minute of their online time. While the Account Issues interface does highlight problems with ads, it doesn't necessarily work towards a quick resolution for them.
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