The Children’s Charity NSPCC is putting pressure on Facebook to restart a program to scan the private chats where there is any sign of child abuse

The cases of child abuse are increasing day by day in America and Europe, in which the culprits are uploading videos on the social media platform. They use threats and physically harm the children. Social media is the platform where there are a greater number of teenagers. So, supervision is a must thing to do on the messages of teenagers. It is possible that a child may be blackmailed by some suspicious person. It will become the duty of Facebook to look over the chats and messages of sexual abuse material if it exists.

In the past few years, due to the lack of supervision and some soft policies of Facebook, these cases are increasing. Therefore, it is time for Facebook to make some strong policies and leak the chats of the criminals, who are involved in child abuse. EU has changed its e-privacy policies, due to which half of the referrals for child abuse material is under the radar, which needs to be scanned and should be put in front so that these criminals can be accounted for.

Google and Microsoft have the same conclusion to continue the legality of scanning message, where there is any chance of child abuse material, but Facebook has a different approach according to children’s charity, Facebook is interrupted the agreement before Christmas. However, Facebook is blaming the directive for stopping the child protection operation.

The directive further said that due to the stoppage of monitoring services, these abusers take the benefits to target the children. This is shameful news that each month, more than 250,000 cases come from the EU. Most of the abusers use Facebook as a platform to target young children. This is because Facebook is shutting down the monitoring policies.

Recently, a report is issued by the US National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, in which it is written that more than 46 percent of material for child abuse came from EU when Facebook turned its scanning policy off.

55% of people in the UK think that Facebook does not make the right policy for protecting children rights, while only 18% people think that Facebook always makes the right decision.

Google, Microsoft, and Roblox who are the competitors of Facebook have made scanning legal, they will allow scanning their platform to protect the children protection program. But the Facebook does not agree with this decision. According to the directive, Andy Burrows says that we have suggested Facebook change its policies so that we can help to make the children safe, and we will also maintain the privacy protection policies.

The EU is finalizing its new rules and policies through a dialogue after that Facebook will have to resume its program to scanning the messages to protect children rights.

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