Facebook Appoints a New VP for The Civil Rights Department to Minimize Racial Inequality on its Social Network

Facebook on Monday announced of a new employment in its Civil Rights department. Roy L. Austin Jr. who formerly used to work at Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis LLP, as a partner in Civil Rights Law and Criminal Defense was appointed by Facebook, as the VP for their Civil Rights Department. He has over 25 years of experience as a Civil Rights Lawyer and an advocate.

Austin also had previously worked as a White House Advisory for the former President of United States, Barack Obama’s “My Brother’s Initiative” which was an initiative formed to address the opportunity gaps faced by the people of color within the States.

Facebook took the decision to take Austin on board with the application after an audit which made the company realize that it had taken some decisions whose circumstances were rather painful and had some serious setbacks for civil rights. The auditors advised the company to take stricter actions against people who encouraged hate speech and violated the conditions set by the application and hence took this decision in order to maximize the representation and inclusion on the app.

Instagram Chief, Adam Mosseri last year in June after Black Lives Matter Protests explained how Facebook will be changing its processes and policies to make sure no societal groups are treated differently by its tools and features and will also make sure to play its part to support under represented communities.

Austin’s position at Facebook will make sure that no racial inequality and flaws are currently inhabiting the system and will also make sure no user on the application promotes hate speech and violates the terms and condition set by the company.

Austin said that he is really excited to work with the firm and considering the world is in the middle of a global awakening of civil rights makes it the perfect opportunity for him to work on the flaws incorporated within Facebook. According to Austin social media now plays a vital role in sculpturing the minds of people and updating them about the goods and bad. Hence, he will use this opportunity to his utmost best to overcome the historic discrimination and hate which so many under represented societies have faced. Austin will try to bring all these changes and will provide knowledge and insight to help inform these approaches and will be a significant step towards Facebooks’ betterment.

According to Facebook, Austin will be posted out of Washington D.C.
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