Facebook added a new engagement alert option to help group admins stay on top of group discussions

It is an estimate that there are around 620 million groups on Facebook. When the group is made, obviously there is a smaller number of members in the group. As the group grows further, which make it difficult to stay on top of discussion, which increases the workload of the group admins. As a result, group admins have to do a lot of stuff to bring the top discussion to the relevant people.

Facebook’s groups have been a critical and crucial element. This platform is helping the group admins to provide the relevant discussions to the relevant people. It is hectic task to provide the hundred thousand people the top discussion. Therefore, Facebook has added a new engagement alert option (in settings under Moderation Alerts tab) that will inform the group admins that when the post and comments in the group are getting more attention from the people and getting a major response.

Facebook has made the initial test of its engagement alert option last May of 2020, now after a successful test of this feature, the social networking giant has decided to further expand this alert system to more and more group admins to save their time.

The engagement alert feature provides a wide variety of options to track including comments, replies and even emojis.

Now Facebook is escalating this option where you can choose the content type that you want to see and share your views and you can choose the engagement type according to your choice.

The social media expert named Matt Navarra has posted screenshots of this expanded alert option. Through this option, you can set the limit of your related posts. You do not need to waste time to scroll irrelevant discussions. You can easily stay on the main trends. Group admin can now shift the alerts of the approved post in a group.

You will be able to find this option on Facebook’s expanding control options, which also contain keyword alerts and automated moderation options. Now the group admins will decide the limits of the relevant posts in this option.

Facebook is hopeful that this is a good option and will help to lessen the work of group admins and will receive a good response from many users especially admins.

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