Dark Theme Comes to Google’s My Activity Setting Page

Dark themes have become really popular in the world of tech because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing people to avoid some of the negative effects that can come with staring at their screens for extended periods of time which can lead to a lower than usual sleep quality. While a lot of apps have been rolling these kinds of themes out for people to use, we haven’t really seen it outside of social media and the like.

Google’s websites haven’t really offered any kind of dark mode, or rather this was the case until dark mode somewhat randomly popped up on the My Activity page, as per 9to5Google, that you can use to find your search history as well as other aspects of your online activity data that Google ends up storing for a wide variety of reasons. This page is also meant to give you more control over this data, essentially allowing you to pick and choose what you would let Google use and you can delete any entries in this list that you might not want Google to have such as anything containing sensitive information that you don’t want getting compromised.

The way that this data is organized is important to take into account. You can choose between a bundle view or a list view, but bear in mind that the quantity of data is rather massive so you might want to use date or relevance filters to get to the data that truly matters to you in a big way. The fact that dark theme has been incorporated into this site means that Google might be taking it a bit more seriously, or it could be part of a wider redesign that Google frequently tends to take part in.

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