Creator Insider Video Reveals Update For iOS Devices Preventing Users From Accidentally Redirecting To External Links In YouTube Comment Sections

A recent YouTube Creator Insider video has revealed about warning pop-up messages on external links for the iOS devices, in attempts to protect users from unintentional online harm.

The feature, currently limited to the YouTube app on Apple devices, essentially pertains to links found in the comment section of VODs. Typically, clicking on a link automatically redirects users to its associated webpage. While in the early, bot-free days of YouTube this was nothing more than a minor annoyance, the lack of any filter can prove to be dangerous. With many bot-rendered links sending users to data harvesting sites or phishing attempts, one would prefer to tread more carefully. Even if the average adult is fully aware that this one suspicious account with no past history offering free Bitcoins is suspicious, to say the least, this is a distinction that kids are less likely to make. To quote a rather beloved book series of this author, “a paper shield is better than none”.

On iOS, now clicking upon a link will trigger a pop-up message asking users if they wish to leave the website and travel to the redirected landing page. Upon a user’s provided consent, they shall then be taken away, and upon their declination the redirect will cancel. This feature is rather akin to that of many other online websites, and isn’t exactly a new commodity. However, its presence will still be appreciated by users both looking for extra security and accidentally clicking on comment links while swiping through.

The feature has self-imposed limitations, but those are more practical than anything else. The redirect pop-up message will not show in two cases. The first case is when the uploading channel of a video decides to share links in the comment section (which commonly redirect to merchandise stores, causes they’re campaigning for, collaborating channels, etc.). The second reason entails links redirecting to YouTube’s own domain, such as video timestamps or even entirely different pages on the website. Both of these make perfect sense, as users are usually choosing to interact with these links and the pop-up message appearing every time in such cases will only prove to be bothersome.

As specified above, this new feature is currently limited to the YouTube app on iOS devices. However, the CreatorInsider video expectantly states that further updates will roll out for both Android and desktops in the future, further increasing its implementation in the general community.

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