YouTube Trending Tab Myths Busted

Just like every other platform, YouTube gets its share of myths and misconceptions. However, to set the records straight, we are all set to bust those myths and get the truth out. So without further ado, here are some top myths and the facts (as highlightd by Creator Insider team) that you may have heard regarding its Trending Tab.

Myth #1: You need contacts at YouTube to reach the trending tab

No, it’s not the case.

YouTube doesn’t accept payments to appear on the trending tab nor does it support favoritism, as claimed by Kyle Monahan from YouTube's Content Strategist Team.

Instead, the video streaming app looks at the views, the age of video, and how it’s performing compared to other videos present on the channel.

The company combines all the information they get and ranks the video on the YouTube Trending tab. in addition, they exclude any paid views that they come across to only show videos that deserve a place in the trending area.

Myth #2: The trending tab is only for the big creators or late-night talk shows

According to YouTube, they have reserved at least half of the place on the trending tabs to creators that are homegrown and first creators on YouTube. Again, the company is not bias or offers favoritism to any channel.

However, they do keep slots for upcoming and new creators so they can showcase their work and gain more exposure.

Myth #3: Is there a set time or a golden hour to feature on trending

The answer to this is No. There is no golden hour when it comes to reaching the trending tab. The list goes up every 15 minutes so every 15 minutes each creator has a chance of reaching the trending tab.

Myth #4: Can I opt-out of trending?

Definitely not! But any creator that has a concern regarding the YouTube trending tab can reach out to the makers and have their queries addressed.

This was all for today! Stay tuned for more news and information on your favorite technology platform with Digital Information World.

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