Reason Revealed behind Content from Top YouTube Creators being Left off the Trending Page!

It looks like there is a significant development in the endless debate regarding which YouTube videos should be on the trending page and what is the criteria for selection.

A study of 40,000 videos was conducted recently, according to which, individual creators like Logan Paul require around 11 million views on a video for it to make it to the Trending page. On the contrary, clips from TV News Channels and Talk shows just need a few hundred thousand views.

Because of this, content posted by individual creators often gets left out of the Trending section, despite of garnering millions of views. Many speculate the reason for this difference in this “minimum view count to be considered for the trending page” to be the fact that YouTube has been trying to make the platform an Advertising hub.

YouTube wants advertiser friendly content on the Trending page while the Creators believe that making viral content is their key to the trending section. Why this section is so important because it can direct a massive amount of views to a video.

Creators realize that a Trending Page exposure could do wonders for their channels and have therefore demanded YouTube to cater to them as well.

YouTube’s concern regarding featuring Creators’ content is valid as well as there is no guarantee that their content will always be advertiser friendly and ensuring Brands’ trust in the platform is the company’s topmost priority right now. Even the most followed Individual Creator PewDiePie seemed to understand the company’s concern.

However, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki assured everyone that work is being done to make the Trending Page feature 50% Creator Content. Wojcicki also expressed how the Company is extremely careful regarding the safety of the videos and the content they include.

Moreover, a vast difference was found when the Trending Pages of YouTube in Canada and US were compared. Thus, it was suggested that moderation works differently in different parts of the world.

Although YouTube is working on dealing with harmful content on the platform, the more time it spends working on it, the more creators with original and ad-friendly content will feel discouraged with their videos not being featured on the Trending page.

YouTube acknowledges this concern and confirmed to media outlets that its focus in terms of Investment and Content Strategy remains on the Creators. Thus, the best thing for Creators currently is to hope for the best possible change soon.

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