Will the websites on internet stop working to support older Android version devices in 2021?

Many of us are glad that this period of sequenced mishaps is coming to an end- everyone affected by the covid-19 is hoping to see a better future in 2021. Reports in November suggested that as soon the next year starts, over 70 percent of the Android phones will stop supporting numerous websites. If you have an Android mobile updated above the 7.1 version, congratulations you are safe from this setback. However, users with Android mobiles with versions lower than or equal to 7.1 were expected to face huge difficulties the next year; while browsing on their mobiles. Rather than using the 7.1.1 version that was expected to get you access to unsecured websites only, it was advised to get your hands on the Android phone that would have allowed you to visit secured websites only.

Luckily a solution to the restriction of access to secured websites to Android users due to expiry in collaboration with IdenTrust has been discovered. Long story short: previously cross-signed certificate was assisting Let’s Encrypt for some devices including Android. These were the ones that didn’t have their original certificates. However, Let’s Encrypt made it official two months ago that to avoid those of its cross-signed certificate to stop functioning, next September is when the arrangement would come to an end.

Sites using Let’s Encrypt as a security for their HTTPS links are quite frequent these days but unfortunately won’t remain the same in the upcoming year.

We are lucky that the partnership agreement between Let’s Encrypt and IdenTrust has been under review. To let you know, the new solution completely fits on validity standards for certificates. The rumors were spread after the expiry of the partnership between the two authorities that the websites visited on Android mobiles in 2021 will not be secured. However, this solution is prone to any security or glitch issues and will work smoothly.

You might be thinking that now all of the Android users that are subscribers to Let’s Encrypt will have to do some effort for getting this in their old Androids. Luckily you are also exempted from this and the only problem would be that some of the specific developers might have to ensure that their certificates are not codified. Additionally, Let’s encrypt validated this confirmation that the change won’t be observed by the users. It also said that the certificates of Let’s Encrypt will continue to work on Android devices from now on. To add more, it won’t require an additional browser like Firefox to work.

Problems are never going to end. One way or the other you have to deal with them - either willingly or unwillingly. It can be said that the renewal of the agreement was an expansion in time till 2024 to give you enough of it to switch to upgraded Android mobile.

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