Wikipedia shares the list of top 10 reads of the year 2020

Back in 2001, an online site, full of information and knowledge started. In the beginning, the online encyclopedia which allows anyone to make online modifications or changes was most likely to fail. But now, it is easy to go site for everyone, in just a single tap all the possible information relevant to the searched topic will be in front of the user. From a primary student to a highly qualified individual, everyone can gain knowledge from it. It gives free access to make changes according to the updates whenever needed. To avoid fake news, it also provides links and resources to check the authenticity of the article.

Wikimedia Foundation works so hard to maintain Wikipedia’s reputation especially in 2020 as it was the toughest year for everyone. The amount of breaking news in 2020 was unpredictable. Wikimedia has to work effortlessly to keep the site up-to-date as laymen rely on the news available on Wikipedia.

For the US Election, Wikimedia workers from security, product, legal, and communications teams were continuously directing the volunteers to edit any false or fake news. Together they create a disinformation task force that aims to target people circulating any fake news regarding US Election 2020. 56,000 unpaid volunteers worked as editors to keep tracking around 2000 pages relevant to elections.

Although, Wikipedia has been a center of accusations for discriminating against people or not giving equal rights to every individual. Nonetheless, it has also helped a vast amount of people to get the right information from a right place at right time.

In 2020, people read the most about the COVID-19 pandemic and the US presidential elections. These two topics topped the list of the top reads of Wikipedia. COVID-19 being the most-viewed article is in the first place. The pandemic also affects the virtual world. It has turned the game for many online platforms. Along with both of them, seven more topics join the list completing the top 10 reads.

Wikipedia presented a report which indicates that 297 million page views were generated by the seven articles on the list. All 10 together produce 396 million page views. The top ten most-viewed articles start with the COVID-19 pandemic that receives 8,30,40,504 total views. Followed by the coronavirus is articles related Donald Trump has 5,54,72,791 total views. During the pandemic, people searched about the deaths in 2020 out of fear and panic. Deaths in 2020 is on number three and has total views of 4,22,62,147. Kamala Harris in on number four gaining views of 3,83,19,706. Next is Joe Biden who was elected as the President of the US. During the period of elections, this was the most searched article and has 3,42,81,120 total views. To know the coronavirus, its diseases, precautionary measures, and how deadly it is, people read about it. It has gained 3,29,57,565 views in total. Kobe Bryant’s death shook people to the core. People who are not even interested in his game searched about him. With 3,28,63,656 total views, it is on number 7. COVID-19 pandemic by country and territory in on number 8 in the top 10 read list of Wikipedia with 2,85,75,982 page views. 2,43,13,110 views gained by 2020 United States presidential election. Ending the list with Queen Elizabeth II and viewed 2,41,47,675 times in 2020.

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