Twitter Offers A Look Back At 2020, Highlighting The Most Retweeted Subject Matter Of The Year

Twitter recently released their viral trends of 2020 lists. Considering how active their community is, these lists and trends are a rather interesting way to look back on the unfortunately eventful year we've all shared. Because let's be frank: absolutely no one expected the consistent sensory overload that 2020 brought with it. There were wildfires, an nationwide pandemic, a high-stakes election, an international social movement, and so much more. So, let's take a peek inside this time capsule, and reminisce over some of the highlights.

Just looking at the top most retweeted tweets this year will give anyone tonal whiplash. The first tweet is from Chadwick Boseman's verified account, informing people about his demise on the 28th of August, 2020. Such a loss was truly felt all over the globe, especially amongst minority groups and the African Americans he represented.

Chadwick Boseman, while a truly accomplished and versatile actor, was most well-known for his box office shattering film, Black Panther. He was a source of inspiration, of hope, and a sign that perhaps minority communities could overcome the oppression inherent in racial culture. This tweet is followed by a video of K-pop band BTS' member Jungkook singing Never Not by Lauv. Truly, a notable departure from the previous grim tweet.

In media, Big Brother Brazil took the cake at the number 1 spot as the most retweeted show of the year (we might be more familiar with Big Brother's Indian rendition, Big Boss). Tiger King, the show that took Netflix by storm, is another notable feature in the top 10 list. Surprisingly, Game of Thrones carried over into this year list as well, at number 8. This author imagines that the disdain from last year was only refreshed as people went into lockdown, and had nothing better to do than stream shows.

The most talked about individuals this year are Donald Trump and current president-elect Joe Biden, which will come as no surprise. The USA elections were closely followed not just by its residents, but the entire world as people held their breath on whether the extremely controversial Trump would continue another 4 years or not.

Currently, Trump has threatened legal action against Biden over unsubstantiated claims of vote rigging. But we shall remove our attention from his ravings to focus on George Floyd, who was number 3 on the list. The words "I can't breathe" are etched into the memory of this writer as a horrifying memoir of police brutality and racism, and even outside the US, we should remember them. If only to recognize such behavior in our own society, and call it out.

When it comes to most tweeted emojis worldwide "😂 Face With Tears of Joy" tops the chart. Take a look at below graphics for more insights:
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