TikTok Breaks Into The Fashion Industry, With Walmart Accompanying Them

TikTok has recently entered a partnership with Walmart over a livestream outlet mall shopping experience for its users.

With that rather bizarre introduction out of the way, let’s meet our key figures before discussing the event and their roles in it. TikTok, as most readers must be well aware of, is an online video-sharing social media platform that is currently regarding as the flagship for all things gen Z (even if this author would like to question the validity of such a statement). Walmart, on the other hand, is a popular retail store in the United State of America that deals in any and all sorts of purchasable goods, be it groceries, clothing accessories, and even guns of all things. So, we’re definitely looking at a much more adult demographic being catered here. Which begs the question, what common ground have these starkly different backgrounds dug up? Well, a simple answer to this revolves around making as lucrative a deal as possible. Another, more relevant answer is fashion.

Now, for the actual event. TikTok Live will be conducting a livestream in conjunction with Walmart, featuring fashionable items and accessories that can be purchased by the viewers watching at home. The event will work as such: users will join the livestream at its given time. Then, all sorts of both famous and up-and-coming TikTok influencers and content creators will be featured live, sporting an accessory such as a particular shirt or a cap. A pop-up will also appear, urging viewers to buy the accessory if they are so inclined. So on and so forth, the event will cycle through the entire catalogue Walmart has to offer for its viewers, in a sort of online fashion show.

The appeal Walmart is aiming for seems to be rather obvious. Young, trendy youths will always look to wear fashionable outfits. With the holiday season upon the west, it seems even more likely that people will go out shopping in preparation, albeit with social distancing precautions. This livestream offers it all for them. Fashionable goods, being shown off by their favourite social media personalities, and the opportunity to purchase those goods from the comfort of one’s home, bypassing all pandemic-related precautions and concerns. Honestly, this feels like a rather effective use of TikTok’s burgeoning platform, and one this author is sure TikTok will profit from as well.

This event comes at the heels of another attempt made by TikTok to improve monetising opportunities, with social commerce URL experiments this November past. It comes as no surprise that the free online platform with such a massive following would obviously look to profit as much as possible with it.

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