Apple versus Facebook: Apple’s changes to its privacy policies to iOS is hurting small businesses, says Facebook

On Wednesday, Facebook came up with a claim to argue that iPhone’s updated policies that limit the personalized ads on Apple products are a huge loss for small firms. The company said that the way iPhone has made it easier for advertisers to track the iPhone users has made it difficult for small businesses. Facebook conducted research and concluded that when advertisers were not using the advertising type which Apple has limited, their businesses faced 60 percent fewer earnings from sales.

Dan Levy is a vice president of ads and business platforms at Facebook, who on Wednesday said that Apple is using its control over the App store to bring its products to the front. To do its best to raise against Apple Facebook introduced full-page ads on the following: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and also The Financial Times.

This ‘App Tracking Transparency’ as a part of updates to policies for iOS by Apple is in no way acceptable to Facebook. To let you know: Apple decided in September to extend its date of introduction in the market till 2021.

Facebook to fight for the war; which is ongoing between the two of the companies for years, said that it is concerned about its users. Fred Sainz is a spokesperson at Apple who informed that iOS doesn’t support the updated policies and rather gives users the choice to select. The iOS company said that the new policies are not part of their business competition to rival firms. Rather it has intended to make it easier for customers to opt into customized app tracking, which was to be the best way possible for maximizing the customer’s privacy. The company: Apple claimed it to be a basic human right to chose and customize according to one's preferences.

Additionally, Jane Horvath - who is a senior director of global privacy at Apple, wrote a letter to the human rights group last month. In the letter, the director disagreed to accept the allegations that the new policies would cause harm to small firms in any way possible.

Both the Companies may pretend that their updated policies, rules, and apps are designed by keeping in mind that customer satisfaction is their topmost priority, but the case may be the opposite. The news of Facebook being lawsuit by the Federal Trade Commission last week isn’t old yet. Developers are furious over how Apple is using its control over the App Store.

Regardless of what companies are doing, some of the customers are convinced that instead of what the firms claim that customer’s feasibility is their topmost priority, they are working for the benefits of their interests and benefits.

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