Soon Telegram is reaching 500 million users and deciding to play with monetization options in the app

Telegram, an instant messaging app is about to reach 500 million users. In April, the active user count was 400 million. To maintain the app, it is deciding to produce income which begins from next year.

The founder of the app, Pavel Durov said that they financially supported the app for seven years and now they are looking up for ways to start monetization of the app. According to him, at least a few million dollars per year are required to maintain such a big instant messaging app.

They are planning to introduce their ad service to generate income for channels. He further describes that the ad service will be provided to the channels that respect privacy and help in covering the traffic cost.

If every large channel is going to be monetized then, the channel’s owner will gain higher traffic in comparison to their scale. Back in May 2020, it was believed that Telegram would begin monetization through a blockchain token project. But due to some problems, this project did not receive much attention and got rejected. Valuable efforts were involved in this project which includes the investment of $1.7 billion from Dubai-based Telegram. In the beginning of this year, Telegram bid to return $1.2 billion to investors.

Pavel Durov is somewhat against Facebook and its owned platforms. He said that Telegram is not in favor of placing advertisements in private or group chats. It hinders the conversation between users and using this strategy to produce income is not a good idea.

Durov explained that Telegram is an independent messaging app. They will not do what the owner of WhatsApp does. Hopefully, next year Telegram will produce income as the number of active users is increasing steadily. The platform will generate income slowly as maintenance of standards is important. The system will work in the finest way that users will not even detect any change in the performance of Telegram.

Another feature, Voice Chat is released by Telegram on Wednesday that serves a few thousand users. This feature works the same way as Discord’s always-on room feature.

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