Snapchat Introduces New Multiplayer Snap Game Called Bitmoji Paint

This week Snap Inc. has introduced a new multiplayer Snap Game called Bitmoji Paint to all of its users who would be interested to create a massive collage together.

The process to join the fun of Bitmoji is simple as all Snapchatters are required to do is enter the chat through the ticket icon or even search as well.

Once done, they will be shown multiple islands that are floating around in space. Every island is a representation of a server where players can join the game along with others. Then comes the game as they are placed on an editable canvas live.

In the game mode, players will have to paint, explore, and hang out with the help of three modes; map, move, and paint.

There are chances that you might get to face other Snapchatters while playing the game but still you can only communicate through the menu of emotes. However, with that being said, you cannot see the Snap ID of other users.

The best part about Bitmoji Paint is that there is easy access to reporting tools for when any player is not following the rules and on top of that, the reports will be reviewed well in time as well.

The Android Users will enjoy a bonus feature in Bitmoji Paint as they will have access to Snap Tokens for when they want a more customized experience. The tokens can be purchased and stored in virtual wallets connected to the respective Snapchat account.

You will have two options to access the Token Shop which are to either go via the profile page or try within Bitmoji Paint. There are also more in-game items like hoverboards, ink painters, paint rollers and roller skates for you to enjoy your best.

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