Learning To Minimize Distractions And Focus (infographic)

Have you noticed yourself becoming more easily distracted lately? It’s totally understandable. We’re in the midst of a major pandemic and the world’s economy is in a tailspin. If you are fortunate enough to still have a job you are probably lying awake at night wondering how much longer you will be able to keep it. It’s no wonder we are all distracted right now, but there are a few things we can do to keep ourselves on track and our distractions to a minimum.

How Modern Offices Lead To Distractions

Offices change to meet the evolving needs of workers, but with every innovation there is a downside. People used to be in closed off offices so they could work on their work with few distractions, but this made collaboration more difficult. Cubicles were the worst of all worlds, providing little privacy or quiet space while also hampering collaboration. Today’s open concept offices are great for collaborations, but unfortunately there are too many distractions for people who need to work on independent projects in a quiet environment.

Different generations respond to different environments in different ways. Millenials and GenZers aren’t as easily distracted by music or other noises as Baby Boomers tend to be. In fact, Baby Boomers report they are three times more likely to be distracted in an open office than their younger counterparts.

99% of workers say they are distracted at work daily, but why?

Why Distractions Happen

In short, it’s the way our brains are wired. Not that long ago in human history we had to be acutely aware of our surroundings as a matter of life or death. Apps and games are designed to exploit this hard-wiring by constantly begging us for our attention.

But even just having our minds wander is a natural phenomenon. In one study respondents were periodically asked whether their minds were on their current tasks and only responded in the affirmative 47% of the time.

Sleep, or lack of it, is also a major factor in distractions. And it’s no wonder we can’t sleep lately - there’s a major pandemic happening along with a serious economic crisis and massive job losses. Those of us lucky enough to still have a job right now are often wondering how much longer we will be able to keep it. Working to get better sleep should be a top priority for everyone during these difficult times.

Preventing Distractions In The Workplace

On top of getting better sleep, there are plenty of steps you can take to prevent distractions in the workplace.

In open offices, providing spaces for people to go for distraction-free work is crucial. Of course, this means that any necessary technology needed for work is portable, which might not always work. But giving workers options for working in an optimal setting can go a long way toward minimizing distractions.

In order to minimize digital distractions, try turning off notifications or using an app that only allows calls and texts through during certain times of the day. Apps and games are designed to get our attention, even when it is not an optimal time.

If there are still distractions within your workspace, try a white noise generator app to minimize noise distractions. To keep you on task, try an app that keeps track of your tasks, what phases you are in, and offers reminders for each part of your projects.

Taking Distractions Seriously

Even though we have plenty of reason to be distracted right now, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take minimizing distractions seriously. Learn more about focusing despite distractions from the infographic below.

There's a lot to be distracted by these days, but there are a few simple tricks that can help keep us on track. This infographic outlines the many distractions of modern workplaces as well as tips to keep us focused.

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