Report shows huge increase in the percentage of spam calls during the year 2020

Spam calls have grown up to a major percentage during this year as compared to the prior year. Even though major steps and efforts have been made by the companies make smartphones and telecom regulators.

Many apps have been developed to verify unknown calls to stop these spam. One of the best-known apps is Truecaller.

It is estimated by this app, that only in America people receive up to 29 spam calls in a month. It means that they receive 1 fake call daily. However, if we talk about the last year, these numbers were quite low, around 19 calls were received by an average person in a month.

However, it is not the problem of an average person in America. According to a report, it has become a worldwide problem with up to 32 billion spam calls have been received from January to October this year. Brazil country is at the top of the list affected by these spam calls during the year 2020, with around 50 calls per person receive in a month. However, Colombia is the least affected country in the chart with around 8 calls received by an average during a month decreased from 17 calls from the prior year.

People are bound to stay at home during the Coronavirus pandemic. Thus, decreased the number of spams call around the world. For instance, India was at the top of the list with the most received spam calls during the last three years. This year India is at 9th number.

According to a report made by Truecaller, the number of spam calls was least in the month of April. However, these numbers have started again to grow up in May with around a 10 percent increase. The highest number of calls have been received in October of the year with almost 23 percent increase which is an alarming percentage.

These scammers not only annoying people, what even worst is people fall prey to these scammers and lost their account information and their money fraudulently. It is estimated that 56 million dollars have been gone to the pocket of these scammers only in America. And, almost 20 billion dollars have been lost this year from around the globe.

According to the report of last year. The top 10 countries in the chart were South American countries. However, some countries in the south American region, for instance, Peru, Colombia, and Chile have become successful in reducing these calls this year.

Unfortunately, some countries of Europe have failed to stop these calls and made it to the chart. With Hungary at the top of the list.

In Asia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and Russia are prominent countries.

However, it is said that is not easy to stop these spam calls because banks and telecom operators have also been engaged in these calls, according to the report of Truecaller.
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