Reddit Buys TikTok Competitor Dubsmash, to encourage users to upload and stream short-form videos

Dubsmash has been a very popular app before TikTok or any other platform where you can make short videos. Now, TikTok is leading with ever-increasing users.

To give TikTok a competition, Reddit buys Dubsmash where users will be allowed to edit their videos by using short-form video creation tools.

Recently, Reddit revealed that it has purchased Dubsmash where users can create short-form videos. Reddit has finally become the latest company to grow in space where Chinese app TikTok was dominating for many years. The financial terms were not disclosed but it was said by a spokeswoman of Reddit that the deal was finalized on the combination of stock and cash.

After seeing the popularity of ByteDance's TikTok, many platforms are now focusing on introducing short-video features on their networks. Like Facebook released Instagram reels at the beginning of 2020. And now, Snapchat is bringing the Spotlight in November.

In a blog post, Reddit made it clear that this deal will be beneficial for those who already have access to Dubsmash and they post and stream videos. They can now use Dubsmash’s editing and short-video creation tools.

Reddit wrote in a blog post that “Dubsmash will provide benefit to the company in two significant ways. Firstly, because of the special mission of Dubsmash, that co-relates with Reddit’s purpose of bringing community and belonging to everyone in the world. Like Reddit is a platform where you will find unique content that no other platform created. Dubsmash offers an open space for creators whose talent is under-represented on other platforms”.

“Secondly, Dubsmash’s unique video creating tools will be implemented into Reddit that encourage Reddit users to make videos and represent themselves in an authentic and creative way that is common to all.”

The San Francisco-based organization has stated that Dubsmash will retain its own platform and brand. Reddit said that Dubsmash communities are all controlled by various creators. "Approximately 25 percent of all Black teens are Dubsmash users in the US and 70 percent of females are on Dubsmash.”

The entire group, including co-founders Suchit Dash, Jonas Drüppel, and Tim Specht, will become part of Reddit.

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