People are taking more interest in cloud gaming during the lockdown situation in the COVID-19 pandemic

During the lockdown situation in the COVID-19 pandemic, the habits of people have changed. Now people are taking more interest in online gaming like PUBG, CODM, FORTNITE, etc. why is this because people are unable to go outside and meet people around, so cloud gaming is considered as an alternate for them where they can talk with there friends and spend more time of their day in gaming.

Cloud gaming has entered a new level, now people do not need to build a strong PC. What exciting about this cloud gaming is you can play these games on different devices. For instance, mobiles, PlayStation, PC, laptops, and tablets.

According to a report by Piplsay, people show more interest in playing games on mobiles as compared to other devices. 33 percent people like to play games on mobiles, 22 percent on PlayStation, 11 percent on PC, 10 percent on Laptops, 7 percent on tablets and iPad, while 17 percent people do not like to play online games. According to a survey, people were asked a question, has your interest in cloud gaming increased? 52 percent of people said YES. This is not it; people have taken even more interest in online gaming streaming on YouTube as well. 44 percent of people have subscribed to gaming streaming channels on YouTube.

Cloud gaming was the market of 170 million dollars in 2019. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, this market has grown even further. It is estimate that it can go around 4.8 billion dollars in the coming 3 years.

Many Youtubers have taken it seriously and opened new gaming channels, still, it is assumed that 23 percent more people will take interest in online gaming streaming.

People and especially kids are taking more interest in playing games and subscription of channels of PlayStation gaming service. It is around 36 percent. However, 32 percent of people play games on XBOX. 10 percent of people are signed up with Stadia and 5 percent with Nvidia’s GeForce so far.

However, some people around 30 percent think that a subscription to a game streaming service is considered expensive. While other people have not subscribed to gaming services due to some other reasons including performance issues, privacy concerns, and limited content offerings.

It is said that gaming services like Google Stadia will grow even further in the coming days. While the JUMP service was gone out of business in early 2020. Amazon Luna has set a cheap price at the start which could get more gaming customers. Game Pass is also not behind, due to the streaming technology people will not need to waste money on expensive Xbox and Pcs.

However, in Online Cloud gaming, interest still an issue for many gamers which they must deal at their own. High-speed interest works like a heart in-game streaming. Many applications have been developed to check the internet speed or you can boost your Wi-Fi signals too.

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