Microsoft Edge is bringing a new flyout collections menu for its toolbar

Microsoft Edge is always in a neck-to-neck competition with the Google Chrome browser. While both the browsers are super-fast and provide a great user experience, Microsoft is trying to include some privacy tools and features that may give an edge to the ‘Edge’ browser. One such update is on its way.

WindowsLatest has recently reported that Microsoft is bringing a pop-up menu to its toolbar. Now, the special thing about this menu is that it will let the users keep all their bookmarks, history of visited sites, downloads, and collections all in one place so that the users would not have to hop in between different menus. This sounds something like what we already have in the Chrome browser. But as per the reports, this flyout menu is going to offer more options for the users to organize all their links in proper folders. They can add cover images or some sticky notes kind of written memos for those folders and saved articles, sites, etc.

These notes or memos can help people organize all their collections in the menu and make it not only safe but very easily accessible too. Without any confusion, they can quickly skim through all their selected and collected items and access them whenever they want.

On Google Chrome, you can see different sections separately, but it does not allow saving of those pages or customizing them as per the user’s wishes. But Edge’s new feature will make the users able to save those things and access them as per the need. So, this makes it very useful with a tinge of adding some of their personal tastes and reminders for their collections.

If the users do not like this user interface, they can always switch back to the previous one. Although why would anyone want to leave a high organizational system for the older user interface is a question. This menu will allow the users to access various things in one place without having to click much here and there. So, isn’t it a better option anyway?

Edge’s other privacy tools that are part of its security package are also pretty awesome and give a perfect fodder for debate whether Chrome is better than Edge or not?

Some new studies suggest that people who were not even aware of Edge’s presence a while ago have actually started loving it and preferring its anti-ad tracking settings, password protection, and some other amazing privacy features.

Now, this new menu is going to add more value to the user experience. Currently, only a few Windows Insider channels can use this feature, but it is likely to reach the Canary and Dev channels somewhere in 2021.

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