Samsung will soon release this much needed new app for Windows 10

We all know, Samsung has been collaborated with Microsoft and released some of the best apps for Windows. Now once again, both teams are working on a new project that will be for Windows 10. Like every app, this app will also be the innovation that will be released soon.

To be precise, this time Samsung is working on a screen recording app that allows Microsoft Windows 10 users to record the video of whatever happens on the monitor screen.

Before Samsung works on this app, it was already a basic feature of some mobile phones. But Samsung still considers that this feature requires a separate app.

If we take a look at this feature, this is not something very innovative or out of the box. It is just that Microsoft Windows 10 users will be provided with a basic feature of screen recording.

However, with the Samsung screen recording app, users can not only record the screen but also can take a screenshot. It also features a range of other customized options.

Previously, the screen recording feature captures everything that appears on the screen. But now with Samsung’s innovated version, it'll be easier for users to just select the specific portion they want to record a video of. It is very helpful especially when you are working on a particular app and want to record the process. In addition to specific screen recording, it also lets users fully customize the settings such as choose the camera source, turn the sounds on and off while recording, adjust the resolution of the video. You can also use keyboard shortcuts and choose a particular format to capture a screenshot.

There is no hard and fast rule to operate this app, the user interface is quite simple. It comes with a menu bar to set specific requirements prior to recording.

Although, Samsung didn’t disclose this app to everybody. It is in process of testing phase by the South Korean Company. Before, making it available for all, they are trying to gather as much feedback as possible. Nobody knows when Samsung will launch this app publically but there are some insights that it will not too long as the feedback is positive.

Meanwhile, one of the most important projects on which Microsoft and Samsung are working together is for Windows 10 Android apps. The purpose of this project is to run your mobile apps directly on your monitor screen with already installed windows. Only Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is supported with this feature right now. It is still in testing. Beside, running your mobile apps, you can also attach those apps to the taskbar.

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