LinkedIn Adds New Tab To Interface For Businesses and Brands

LinkedIn has recently announced the addition of a new tab by the name of LinkedIn Product Pages to their website and app.

LinkedIn, an online service entered around employment, has had a huge impact on job recruitment across the world. No longer does one need to email multiple CVs to corporations around the country, no carrying around your resume and relevant information in a stuffy briefcase. Such concepts have become outdated in the face of what LinkedIn offers. It acts as a hub for both employers and employees, the former representing businesses large and small looking for hires, and the latter represented by people posting their CVs online in search of a job. Their website boasts 675+ million members, all of these across 150 countries.

The Product Pages tab is built to cater to the employer part of LinkedIn’s community. Specifically, if an employer (this refers to both individuals as well as corporations) is looking to build a proper following regarding a particular brand new commodity of yours that warrants the attention, the tab will help you attain it. Product Pages lets you fill up information and details regarding your product with, categorising it effectively with pictures and videos to add an extra shine. The interface will be found on the company’s landing page, making it easy to access for both owners and users to engage with it.

There are a few limitations imposed by LinkedIn on its inner workings, however. The Product Pages FAQ, which makes a fair point of establishing its differences from LinkedIn and Showcase Pages, states that services cannot be listed. Product pages will be “curated”, as stated by the website, based on existing information regarding your company present on the platform. Further information, such as customers and product descriptions can be added by the user. These restrictions, while not explained by the FAQ, seem to be a countermeasure against random, unrelated products being added to a company’s listing. Other than that, creative freedom is allowed on the platform to express your product and its features. Services, it should be noted, will have another feature dedicated to them in the near future.

The feature has currently been rolled out for B2B (business to business) software products, with over ten thousand of these curated Pages having been rolled out onto the platform. Other reviewer sites must be feeling nervous, considering the behemoth that has just entered their competition. Business transactions are becoming more and more online, with consumers choosing to trust review sites and online sources above all else. LinkedIn not only allows their users to get their foot in the advertising door, but it also carries a professional image that will lend more credibility to the products and reviews that Product Pages will feature.

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