Latest reports suggest that there were fewer sales in the U.S this year in October; as compared to the October of last year

The list of how covid-19 has caused our lives to change; and affected us is a never-ending one. On Monday, Facebook made its report public; regarding the current situation of small businesses after Covid-19 took place. The only impact of Covid-19 for us might be on our healths; we might not know what's happening around us and how businesses are struggling to survive. Indeed, Covid-19 has made the business owners face beyond belief loss in their sales, revenue, and profits.

To have a better understanding of how businesses are tackling issues in such a situation seems necessary for consumers. Facebook collaborated with the World Bank and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development to closely review small businesses. All three of the firms joined to conduct a survey of over 150,000 small businesses all over the world. It took them 6 months: to collect and conclude the data of how business owners still wish to hope for a better future.

Sheryl Sandberg is the head operating officer of Facebook who stated that he is proud of how businesses are working hard; enough to ensure survival by finding new opportunities to earn through the same businesses. On a serious note- they deserve a round of applause for their utmost efforts to help the world survive.

Be there no Businesses; be there no human survival. Unfortunately, 15 percent of businesses; in October couldn’t resist the burden of Covid and couldn’t help themselves but leave. While the survey begun in May, the percentage was 11 percent more than that in October. However, according to all three organizations, the percentage remained constant from August till October.

Regardless of which country we are living in, all of our businesses are sharing losses. In the US, 45 percent of small businesses are reported to have fewer sales this October, as compared to the same month last year.

Staying positive and hoping for a better future is what's still keeping us alive. So do believe the 68 percent of business heads and owners; that the future would be better than the past.

Additionally, 26 percent of organizations in the US preferred lessening their burden by decreasing their number of employees due to the pandemic. The 45 percent of organizations; who fought to resist, informed the firms that at least a portion of 25 percent of their sales was done digitally. 30 percent of the companies said that their digital sales grew more during the pandemic- as compared to the pre-pandemic period.

Being positive, hoping for the best to come in the future and continuous efforts have become the three essentials for Businesses to survive in the pandemic.

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