Internet Explorer Swiftly Meets Its End as Google Workspace Apps Plan to End Support

Microsoft has now moved away entirely from Internet Explorer and has started focusing on Edge as its browser option, but with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that Internet Explorer is still technically available for people to end up using if they so choose. Whether people like using it for the nostalgia factor, because they are just too used to it and haven’t tried any other options or if it’s just done ironically for humorous effect, chances are that the often ridiculed browser is going to lose many if not most of its users due to a recent development.

This development is that Gmail along with all other apps that are incorporated into Google’s Workspace suite are no longer going to be supported Internet Explorer anymore starting in 2021. This decision isn’t made based on Google’s own prejudices either. Rather, it comes as Microsoft itself ends support for Internet Explorer in Microsoft Teams and plans to discontinue support with all other apps in its 365 suite by November of 2021.

Hence, Google does not have any incentive at all to continue supporting Internet Explorer when its own parent company doesn’t seem to care about it anymore. The story of Internet Explorer is quite interesting because of the fact that it would not have lasted nearly this long if it didn’t belong to a tech giant that for some strange reason refused to give up on it until fairly recently. Regardless, the notoriety of Internet Explorer will likely live on as it has become the source of countless memes and has fueled a fair bit of the internet’s humor as it developed over the course of the past two decades which potentially influenced Microsoft’s decision to discontinue it at least in part.

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