In Web Summit, Facebook requests Biden to restore the Global Internet

In a conversation with Web Summit, Facebook's head of global affairs told them that they put forward their request to Joe Biden, the new President of the US to resolve the problem of weakening of the internet worldwide. To consider this problem as his main goal when he was elected as the President.

Nick Clegg said that the Chinese internet worked on completely different standards and Silicon’s Valley worked with effortless and open strategy.

Nick Clegg also criticized Europe how they show enthusiasm and focus on regulations. Whereas, he did not discuss how misinformation is circulating on the platform.

At the Web Summit conference which was held online, in a conversation with John Micklethwait, Bloomberg's editor-in-chief, Mr. Clegg told there are no signs of existence of the global internet.

He further continues to say that there are two philosophies fighting for being dominant. Turkey, Vietnam, Russia, and Pakistan all are trying to imitate China’s “censored” edition of the internet.

He added that three different debates forgotten the struggle for the future of the internet.

The US is concentrating on the need of splitting up the big tech companies. As Europe is changing their rules of data privacy of users and India’s market place is focusing on how to secure big platforms like Whatsapp.

Mr. Clegg said that Joe Biden needed to take action immediately and bring all three of them to a point that they agreed on so that the US will have more power to create better internet policies in the future instead of China.

The spread of misinformation on Facebook has not been addressed. In spite of the fact that Facebook recently made an announcement regarding the removal of false information about the vaccine. Also, they do not own any microchip or as such ingredient but they claim to possess one. And says that they trigger side effects that public health experts have denied.

The President of the European Commission, Ursula van der Leyen, made a statement, in Europe new rules have been introduced that will compel social networks to remove all illegal and harmful content as soon as possible.

Instead of giving a response to this, Mr. Clegg said that according to his point of view, Europe had a doubt about the collection of data at larger volumes.

He further said that Europe for not owning any big technology platforms was in a strange position. Although the EU is an extremely large global competitor when rules of the internet are concerned.

He said that it’s better for Europe to invest its resources trying to establish a single EU-wide digital market.

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