Facebook Introduces New Tools for Car Dealers

It may not seem relevant but Facebook is becoming increasingly influential in the car purchase process and helping connect users with the details required for their next automobile purchase.

Facebook reported last year that around half of auto consumers rely on recommendations from friends and families for their next automobile purchase. 77% also indicated that posts on social media help them in their buying or leasing decision.

With regards to the findings, Facebook is providing more tools to help car dealers connect with potential consumers through its platform. According to Facebook, the social media network will now have three new elements to aid automotive promotion including a ‘Manage Inventory’ tab, a simplified set-up process for automotive inventory ads and a new ‘Vehicles’ tab on dealership Pages where car dealers can display their full inventory.

With this set of tools, Facebook enables the dealers to create, manage, and promote vehicle listings from a single dashboard. They also make it easy for the dealers to create ads and showcase their new and used vehicles, giving a boost to the on-Facebook shopping experience.

While we may have never thought of it as this way, Facebook can help people looking for cars and connect potential buyers with the dealers more seamlessly. If you are also looking to promote your dealership, Facebook can be a key option and these tools make it easier than ever to enhance brand awareness.

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