Google’s new update makes it further easier to import PDFs to Google Docs

A study conducted by Gartner concluded that a total of 88 percent of organizations and businesses either made compulsory or advised their employees to work from home. In such a situation, using a free tool to share your documents; without difficulty sounds much sensible. Doesn’t it? Moreover, have you ever thought of how to efficiently utilize the free space of 15GB; you get from Google drive on your account? Here’s the answer: use it to store your PDF files and attachments.

On Monday: Google has announced various updates that would make your PDF files imported to Google documents look even better. The improved and updated feature includes refined, enhanced, and easy-to-operate formatting, layout, and text styles along with improved picture quality.

According to a blog post published by Google Workspace: Business Starter, Business Standard, Google Workspace Essentials, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, G Suite Basic, Education, Business, Enterprise for Education and Nonprofit customers are all those who can get advantaged by this new feature.

By posting on its blog post; Google further mentioned that after importing images, improvements to images and text wrap related to images will be observed. Strikethrough and underline: which are examples of the transformation of text styles and formating are ensured by Google to give you a better experience- ever than before. The new update is incomplete without variation in page sizes, tables with borders, multi-columns, and sequencing of the content according to the desired order.

You might be wondering how to convert a PDF and photo file to a text form. You simply need to open “” on your computer before you right-click your document. Then you need to choose the option of “open with Google documents” and that’s it. The PDF file would automatically be converted to a text file by Google Documents.

These new features will start working from 1st December 2020. However, Google said that it will take a few days to make all its updated features and service available to its customers.

Google also informed that it is working to further enhance the services offered on the Chrome browser for macOS and Windows 10 users. Luckily, dark mode is already effective on Chrome. However, it is now planning to extend it to Chrome’s sliding control. Along with elements at Chrome such as search history page, new tab page, PDF printing screen, setting as well as bookmarks would also be dark-moded by Google. This update is have said to roll-out next year with Chrome’s 88 feature which would allow users to tap the “+” sign, rather than typing it in the search bar. The sign would be located next to the tab bar.

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