Google Drive is rolling out a major search improvement for Android and iOS users

This week, Google announced some exciting news for users who runs Google Drive on their Android phones. The update made by Google for Android phones will enable you to search for things on Google Drive better and faster.

The ways through which Google is making advancements in Google Drive are:

Reload desktop and mobile screen and all the searches. See and choose informative recommendations such as suggestions for people, past searches, and keywords.

Re-running your desktop or mobile phone searches will be helpful to activate this feature. With this update, you do not have to search for the same file or document again and again. It will save your precious time that will be utilized in typing and searching for the same file every time.

It is useful to select intelligent suggestions as they will make your work easy. According to their descriptions, these two features are updated to save your time and provide you convenience while working.

Google told reporters that due to Covid-19, work from home affects the working style for many of us. People have to work but do not have access to laptops everywhere. With this update, it will be easier for office workers to find the file anywhere they are, on their phones. They will be able to collaborate, review, and create a file with Google Drive.

Since the lockdown was imposed on people, Google has implemented a variety of features for people working from home. One of these features helps open encrypted files on Google Drive. This particular feature was already discovered in APK teardown at the beginning of last month.

The latest version of Google Drive on Android and iOS can use this updated and advanced search feature. Google has further told that there is a chance that you might not be able to see the updated version. Simple search a keyword in the search bar to test this new change.

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