Apple’s unlucky Facebook page has no verification badge

Facebook has given a blue tick (verification status) to renowned companies like Microsoft, Google, Hewlett Packard, and other big brands for their authenticity. Recently Apple has changed its privacy on its upcoming iOS 14 that will authorize the users to give permission. If the user approves only then Facebook can show the advertisement on users’ screen, which is not a good step for the companies like Facebook which needs data on users to offer personalized ads. And probably that's one of the reason why Apple never got a Blue Tick mark on its main FB page, plus it appears, Facebook is also not very much interested on its own when it comes to protecting Apple's brand from imposters on its social network, which shows the clash between two giant tech companies has increased. Still, Apple has a blue tick on Instagram which is also owned by Facebook.
The fight between two tech giants is not a secrete anymore. According to the statement of Facebook, they promote small businesses by increasing connections with customers. While Apple CEO, Tim Cook did not remain silent on privacy issues. He presented his viewpoint that users should be given the choice over the data which is collected about them. However, Tim Cook did not comment on a claim made by Facebook that Apple’s owned personalized ad platform will ask for permission too? Because, according to Facebook’s Vice president for Ads and Business Products, Apple is securing its own benefits at the expense of small entrepreneurs.

In the past, it happens that many people do not want to share their data or privacy with any company, and they were against this rule. It might be possible that Apple company is paying attention to those people’s points of view.

In the upcoming iOS 14, only users will be given choice, however, the approach of Facebook tracking the data of users will not require to be changed. Users whether to approve or deny with an option under the changes. Currently, this setting has already been completed under the privacy tab of the iPhone.
However, it is an anticipation that most of the users will reject this permission, which will cost a lot to Facebook. Apple company is giving more time to its developers to make these changes with a compilation of these privacy rules. Therefore, this new update is not launched this year. Further, launching this update in March is just gossip too.

Apple said that we want to give the controls to our users, not to the companies. However, this does not mean that we are not welcoming in-app advertisements and forbid tracking.

Facebook even disagreeing with Apple’s statement does not have a further choice, but to accept the new rules if they want their app to appear in the apple store. Therefore, Facebook will comply with the new rules and will not take any action against this privacy policy.

Apple further said that Facebook executives are collecting more detailed data of users as much as they can. Which is no more allowed in our privacy policies. We have not compromised our policies since our start in 2003 and now, we want to transparent this tracking to our users.

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