According to Google these are the 2020's most searched topics globally

The year 2020 has been like a roller coaster ride, anxiety-inducing, full of bumps here and there, and sometimes leading us into steep pitfalls. This year was everything many people wish to never experience again. Some people think that if there was a delete option, they would have deleted this year from the history of mankind! But it was all not so bad. This year changed a lot of people’s perspectives and their views on life, the planet, and the lives of others around them. People had more free time on their hands owing to the lockdowns that were implemented to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Sitting at home after finishing their online work or studies, people did not have much to do except for internet surfing, watching shows and movies, or indulge in online gaming. People turned towards social media platforms for information as well as entertainment. To look up for newer ways to keep themselves engaged, Google Search proved to be their go-to-search engine. Recently, Google has released a Year in Search report for 2020, and one of the most predominant search queries began with a “Why?”

It seems that people were more curious and more inquisitive than ever before. Most of their search queries revolved around the following trends:

Amongst the top 5 Searches, the most dominating queries were around Coronavirus, without any doubt. The second most dominating search was around the US Elections. The third most dominant search was for Kobe Bryant, the famous American basketball player who passed away in a helicopter crash. The fourth most dominant search was for Zoom, the video communications software program, and the fifth commonest search was for the Indian Premier League.

Amongst the top 5 News searches, the most dominating queries were for updates related to Coronavirus and the US Elections. The third most common News Search query was for Iran, and it was followed by News for Beirut because of a massive explosion. The fifth most common News search was for the Hantavirus, a virus that spreads through rodents and causes a pulmonary syndrome that often turns fatal, amongst other renal issues.

Amongst the top 5 Games that were searched on Google include Among Us, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Valorant, Genshin Impact, and The Last of Us 2.

The top 5 movies that people searched for on Google this year include the South Korean Oscar Winner black comedy movie Parasite on the first rank. 1917 is in the second position, while Black Panther is in the third position. The fourth most searched movie was 365 Dni, a Polish romantic drama film, and in the fifth position, the 2011 movie Contagion comes which has been the talk of the town since the pandemic began. Apparently, some conspiracy theorists believe that this movie contains references and predictions for a future year (2020?) in which a plague-like coronavirus pandemic would afflict the world.

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