4 Brands Consistently Top Tech Analytical Charts And Hold Firm Grasp On Market

YouGov, a renowned statistical analysis firm, recently published their “Best Global Brands” ranking for the year 2020. There’s much to be discussed as to who the participants are, and potential highlights throughout the year for them. The criteria for judging has not been fully disclosed, although factors include annual revenue, growth, and social standing. So, let’s get digging.

It may come as no surprise to anyone that technology companies dominated the list, comprising 8 of the top 10 brands. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, and its associated use of technology under isolation, all tech-related outlets have seen massive growth over time, while other consumer products had to shutter up physical outlets and rely heavily on online marketing and sales.

Tech companies in the top 5 of this list are such obvious candidates, one must already have them on the tip of their tongue. Google starts us off at number 1, holding its position for 4 years consecutively. The informational Alexandrian Library has maintained relevancy throughout the years, is only growing further in size and capital, while also turning its parent company Alphabet a hefty profit. WhatsApp takes second place on the list, again, as to be expected. The company holds its position from last year, and has only shown more growth and engagement over the pandemic as the simple to-go app for connecting with separated loved ones across the globe. YouTube, another Google-owned property, takes 3rd place, making 2020 an incredibly lucrative year for Alphabet. Number 4 is held by Samsung, easily outranking all potential competition such as Panasonic. Both the number 3 and 4 slots were carried over from the last year. Number 5, finally, is held by Amazon, which moved up a rank this year. This comes as no surprise, considering the upsurge of streaming which came from social distancing. Netflix too has seen similar growth, also going up a rank to claim the number 6th position. While WhatsApp enjoys a comfortable second place, Facebook too is not far behind at number 7. Considering that WhatsApp is owned by the latter, Facebook too enjoys a hefty revenue from securing two slots in the top companies of this day and age.

The brute force a worldwide pandemic applies to the market is incomparable. For a lot of companies, this ended up being a good spell in the long run. Streaming services went up, and communication apps maintained very solid growth. For others, such as airlines and more physical products (LG fell out of the rankings from 18th place in 2019), this spelled doom. Even so, there hasn’t been much of a shakeup in the top 5. Goes to show the immense stranglehold such billion-dollar companies hold in their areas of influence.

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